The book was created with storyjumper. The story was made on the occasion of world odd socks day, so on the occasion of diversity.

It is the story of Little Stain, a small, irregular stainwith a thousand colours. She had no definite shape and looked like nothing, but she was determined to find her place in the world. She ventured into the country of ‘Look at that’ and walked for a long time. The path became so steep that she could no longer climb. Little Stain then exclaimed: “Guys, help me up. Everybody say: oh heave! oh heave!”. Thanks to the readers, Little Stain reached the top and met a yellow ball who told her “I am the sun of the country. I shine when there is no night. I am very important. Who are you? you are worth nothing, so little”. Little Stain didn’t know what to say. She was just a small stain. A little saddened, she continued her journey. Until she found herself in front of a rushing river that swept her away. Little Stain then shouted: “Quick! Guys help me swim. Everybody say: swim, swim, swim”. Little Stain was saved. On the shore she met a giant animal and asked him who he was. “I am Brown Bear from the village and I am so strong that with one paw I catch so many fish for my breakfast. But who are you, so weak compared to me?”. Little Stain felt so fearful that she did not answer and went away. Tired, she fell asleep in a green meadow at the edge of the forest, but was suddenly woken up by shrill, high-pitched voices: “How ugly you are. What are you doing in our meadow, you who are not a white daisy like us? Little Stain ran away and, a little discouraged and sad, curled up under a large tree and said in a low voice to herself “I am nothing in this world. Who am I? I am small and helpless, I am not as powerful as the sun, nor as aggressive as a river, nor as strong as a bear, nor as beautiful as a daisy”. The great tree was the wise oak of the village, and hearing her so disconsolate, he said to her: “Who is there under my branches that treads the calluses of my roots?”. “It’s me”, she answered. The clever oak pretended not to hear and asked again: “I didn’t understand dear, what did you say?”. Little Spot raised her voice a little and said, “I am there.” And the oak again, “What?”. Little Spot then shouted with all the breath she had, ‘IT’S ME, LITTLE SPOT”. From that day on, Little Spot lived happily ever after in the village. She realised that she was a somewhat odd but unique stain because no one was made like her.

Story by Danilo Dolci